Rural Health Network of SCNY

Call the main agency line at (607)-692-7669 for general questions about the agency, if you know your party’s extension, if you want to enroll in or schedule a community health education course, or if you want to contact Food and Health Network, Rural Health Service Corps or other staff.
Fax: (607)-692-7670


If you need transportation assistance, trip planning, or transportation education, call the Getthere call center toll free at (855)373-4040 or visit

Community Health

If you need help accessing healthcare or want to learn more about community health resources, please call Community Health Services toll free at (888)603-5973

Food and Health Network

For more information on regional food networks, farm to school, or Fruit and Vegetable Prescription program, visit Food and Health Network’s website:

Rural Health Service Corps

For more information on eligibility or open Americorps or Americorps VISTA service positions, visit Rural Health Service Corps’ website: